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Victoria Ashley
11 June 2010 @ 02:36 pm
Cross-posted over in the Cosplay LJ community.

Hitomi Costume

Syaroan Costume

Hachi Costume

Kodachi Wig

And I still have other costumes for sale that you can check out on my Coscom ad page.

Desperately needs to pay off a buttload of bills, so please tell your friends, friends of friends, whoever!
Victoria Ashley
23 January 2009 @ 12:10 am
So, last week of January I've got almost 40 hours...first week of February I have 20...FUCK.

The only good news about that is that I have the 7th off if that's when [info]solaria ends up doing the whale watching stuff :D Otherwise it sucks....like SUCKS.

I've always wanted to sell costumes, but I'm not proud of anything I've sewn enough to sell it >.> BUT, I really need to let go of two costumes I had made for me, and two of my better made costumes:

Hobbit Diamond Took Costume
whole costume - top, corset top, two skirts
perfect condition. worn once, custom made.
$300, or best offer

Elizabeth Swann Purple Dress
whole costume - purple dress, white under dress
great condition, custom made, under dress has purple stains from purple dress at under arm area.
$275, or best offer

Urahara - Bleach

whole costume - jacket, pants, top, cane, wig, hat, fan, sandals
white diamonds have some stains, sandals are well worn
$125, or best offer

Kagura - Fruits Basket
whole costume - dress, separate sleeves, wig, shoes, kitty bag....god I'm gonna miss that bag ;_;
really good condition all around
$125, or best offer

Soujiro - Rurouni Kenshin
most of costume - top, hakama, sandals, wig
great condition
$130, or best offer

Can anyone recommend where else I should list the selling of these costumes? I listed them on Coscom...but I'm trying to think of better places to list the LoTR and Pirate costumes.
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Victoria Ashley
02 January 2007 @ 05:49 pm
Okay, so far I LOVE the shot twjudyfound:

here is what strongest_shld had:

and here are two from an SW friend:

they have other pics here: Star Wars Spectacular

EDIT: more from Cai-Tin Bardar:

He's got some great shots of the whole troop of us starting HERE.

Click to see their full sizes!!!

The kids with us were the neices and nephew of the sister of the guy under Lucas >.> yeah whatever XD They were put under the charge of Han and myself and they were great kids. And HEY rurouni_jedi, they were twins and a younger brother XD

I'll put up more as I get them!!!! And least this shows I was really there and was really more than a blur, hahaha.
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Victoria Ashley
05 November 2005 @ 02:29 am

Mmm, yeah. I got bored decided to be Friends Only...yes I'm random. But Ami Yuy made me this schway banner that I LOVE, so I guess I'll stay FO XD I may remove this later but for now I'll keep it up. I love everyone so feel free to ask for me to friend you ^^
Victoria Ashley
04 November 2005 @ 03:49 pm
Last night was loads of fun!!!!

First we all headed off to dinner, but Amy and I got our Llamas from Caitlin first. Caitlin your parents are soooo cool, yay Llamas!!!!!! They are so adorable and fluffy ^^ I still don't know what to call mine...Mr. Fluffy Bottoms is the best I've got so far ^^'

Then after dinner it was time for Anime Club, wooo! Trevor (State_Alchemist) arrived a little before club started, yayness ^^ We had a fun mini-adventure trying to find a working parking permit thingie, until we gave up and (later) figured out that the reason we couldn't get the buttons to work was because they had covers on them...because you don't need a parking permit as a guest over the weekend, and I guess the "weekend" start Thursday night o.O

Anime Club was loads of fun. We came in a little late for the first ep of Elfen Lied, but that didn't matter too much. Woh....weird series! But it's not that bad, I kinda like it and wont mind coming to club to watch it. The bloody stuff doesn't happen all that often, though when it does....eeeee! After that, we got to watch Cowboy Bebop because someone had forgotten to bring Outlaw Star. Yay CB!!!!!! I haven't watched the series in AGES, like middle of High School. I was so happy to watch it again, and I hope we just leave off of Outlaw Star and keep going with CB for the rest of the semester.

Thennnnnn it was time for food. And ummmm, yeah...Xander's roommate....DDR alone....um umm ummmm *huddles in corner*


So we all went on a food run - Jared, Caitlin, Phaedra, Xander, Amy, Trevor and me - to Taco Bell and In & Out. Trevor, Caitlin, Amy and I came back and watched the newest ep of Bleach. Woooooo Yoruichi!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ SO much coolness. And then Trevor and I popped over to Jared's room to watch the Hokage funeral episode of Naruto....because I like that episode even though it's really sad and makes me teary >.>

Afterwards I walked Trevor to his car and we talked for like an hour...or two...

And then the fire alarm went off a little before 2am, ACK! So Trevor hung around with us all for that. And then everyone filed back inside...even though Felicity said the air was still kinda toxic (someone set off a fire extinguisher) and to enter at your own risk o.O I stayed behind to talk with Trevor...and we talked for like another hour XD

By the time Trevor finally left it was like 3:30 in the morning. And the poor guy had planned on just downing a whole bunch of Red Bull and not sleeping because it was going to take him at least an hour to get home and then he had work at 9:30 or something. Sorry Trevor ^^'

I quietly snuck back into my room since Amy had gone to bed ages ago, read a little more Don Quixote and then went to bed at 4am.

What a night!!!!

Was able to just wake up in time to make it to Japanese thankfully, though Amy and Caitlin didn't end up making it, buuu. AUGH Adjectives!!!! I think I might be getting the hang of them, maybe >.> Really need to practice them tonight before dinner and work.

Akibiyori with Trevor, Jeffrey, Shea and Yuriy tomorrow, woot! So excited ^^ Not sure whether I'll do the eye-makeup for Urahara though...
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Victoria Ashley
03 November 2005 @ 02:27 am

That was the most bizarre, slightly amusing, sad and insanely tragic and depressing book I've ever read o.O The one good person in the whole book ends up stranded in the jungle and held hostage by a guy who has him reading Dickens all the time >.> The one time help comes, the guy drugs him and hides him so the rescuers never find him o.O And you have to assume he spends the rest of his life there, no one back in London ever knowing what happened, presuming he is dead.


I practically threw the book across the room, only it's 2:30 in the morning and Amy is asleep ^^'

But...man....WTF?!?!?!?!?! So bizarre and utterly dejecting.

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Victoria Ashley
03 November 2005 @ 02:03 am
Been a somewhat productive day, aside from missing guitar >.> Stupid alarm clock.

Work-study went all right. I had planned on leaving at 4, even wanted to leave earlier than that, but didn't end up leaving until 4:30. Then straight back to the room to bore myself to death with reading critical literary theory essays. Urgh. I totally die whenever I read those >.<

Then dinner and amusing talk as always ^^ Back to the room again to read Handful of Dust, which I need to finish before tomorrow. Only 300 pages...

Hung out with Phae and Caitlin a little bit and watched the Food Network...LOVE that station! Iron Chef came on which made me very happy. I adore that show ^^ It was a really good one too, though I wish the challenger had won.

And then it was back to reading. State_Alchemist and I cheered each other on in our studies. He had an 8 page paper to finish and I had my book. He finished his paper, and I've only 20 pages to go ^^ Debating whether to continue staying up to finish it, or to just go to bed. Amy's went to sleep quite awhile ago sicne she has work at 8, and sleep seems really tempting right now...
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Victoria Ashley
02 November 2005 @ 02:34 pm
Is it sad that a little peice of me died this morning because the internet wasn't working?

And that I am completely serious about that? I ached inside...

But now it's all better ^^ at least while I'm using the computer in the Costume Dept. XD

Hope the net is working back in the rooms now...

Must review adjectives for Japanese because OMG they cause me WOE!

Have a lot of reading to finish before tomorrow too, ick.

I'm going to Akibiyori I decided, I really want to see Jinyo, Shea, Yuriy and State_Alchemist and if I don't see them now, I wont see them till ALA at the end of January o.O

Meep, back to work!
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Victoria Ashley
01 November 2005 @ 11:55 pm
I love Japan XD

Saw this on my friends list. Apparently there's a Bleach Rock Musical in Japan right now...and it looks REALLY cool. This person posted pics of it from a magazine, and added in some random fun captions. The pics are amazing...everyone really looks like the characters!!!!

Bleach Musical
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Victoria Ashley
01 November 2005 @ 08:35 pm
No win for me for the HP Look Alike contest on CosplayLab, oh well. :( Not really all that bummed actually. The girl that won was one of the two I really liked, so I'm happy at least one of them got it. (If this was a Bleach contest I'd be crushed if I didn't get Urahara...hope they do Bleach soon XD)Actually more bummed that the girl Ann and I voted for on the Harry Potter part of it didn't win. I knew it was a given that PikminLink would win because...well...she's PL! But that other girl looked more like Harry Potter and I liked her Quidditch outfit alot.

Anyway. In the middle of Rotella's class right now, on break...and I am SO sleepy! >.> I really want to go back to the room but I know she'd notice I was gone...unfortunately I'm on the other side of the table directly in her line of sight ^^'

Back to class now...
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